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(: smileysmileysmiley. [Sep. 21st, 2008|01:06 am]
Teen Love

Girls, (: 


I'm in an amazing relationship.

It's long distance, but I think I can make it work.

I get to see him October 31st.

I'm really excited.

Were going to have our first kiss (: 




[User Picture]From: maliceromance
2009-05-04 09:57 pm (UTC)

:D Hyper little Monster Here (a must read)

Name: Caitlin
Age: 14
State: Missouri
Hobbies: I love to skateboard, Though I'm still in the processing stage. In other words I have no fucking clue what I'm doing :) I'm very random, And I'm more of the Scene-ish type of girl.. Because I'm totally fucking Awesome :) Not really.. I went a bit over the top there.. Anywaysss.. I roleplay.. For those of you that don't know what That is I will explain. Roleplay is mostly a myspace thing, But can be done anywhere. Its when you are interacting with another person, and talking, But your being very descriptive about what you are doing. And how your doing it Here is an example. I roleplay as a girl named Malice Romance

Malice looked up from where she was standing, looking at the trees, they seemed blended together, Letting no light from the sun through but small cracks here and these from the leaves that had fallen to the ground. the young girl smile as she looked around, Watching everything that was happening, the birds flying in circles above her and the rabbits running back and fourth as if playing tag. She soon sat down on the soft meadow grass that was at this time covered in leaves. It was cold outside, As it is most days in this part of town, It was always covered in clouds.She wore a black Jacked. With a pair of Skinny black Jeans.she wasn't the most colorful person other than the fact her hair was purple. She just laied there.. Not moving.. until she herd footsteps rusteling bout in the leave, she knew it was human, Because of the sount and amount of leaves, She herd the berson breathing. She sat up slowly, Pushing herself up with her hands.

"Is someone there?" she asked looking a bit fritened she not know who it was. She didnt know many people around these parts yet she had just moved there, she didnt start school till the next day, She began looking around more frantically.
She was serious now "whoever you are.. I'm sick of your games come out" She demanded.. She didn't like games unless she was part of the fun.. A human figure walked out from behind a tree She couldn't tell who it was, Not that she would know anyways, They were hiding in the shade of the trees "Why are you hiding from me?" she tried to look closer.. She still couldn't make out who it was..

That's a usual starter for me :) So yeahh...
that's pretty much roleplay.

I'm the kind of girl that will randomly yell Penis in the hallway.. and not have a teacher say a thing about it

I'm In the eighth grade.. And I'm interested in 7th grade - 12th grade.
I'm more into older taller guys, Though its had not to be taller than me.. Considering I'm 4'9"

I'm Bisexual.. And I'm interested in girls too..
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